Tuesday, May 27, 2008

gardening with mr. modolo

This morning, Alica and I accompanied one of our friends (Jeremy) to Elthembini Service Center, a senior citizen center in one of the Grahamstown townships. We spent a lovely morning and afternoon gardening with Mr. Modolo, cooking with Connie, picking out beads for one of the ladies to make AIDS pins, and just hanging out with the seniors. The first picture is Mr. Modolo, showing off his moves. The second is Mr. Modolo again, watering the dirt we had just weeded. The third is Connie and me - she wanted the picture to show how much she was enjoying the food she had just cooked, and the fourth is several of the seniors who wanted their picture taken outside by the garden.

My favorite part of the afternoon was weeding and chatting with Alicia, while Mr. Modolo serenaded us with the same song over and over, occasionally stopping to compliment himself on the quality of his singing - usually something to the effect of "No one can sing like Mr. Modolo, he has a song of his own." I agree :)

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