Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still fine, still concerned for those in Joburg

Spent all evening last yesterday riled up over what is going on in Johannesburg. You wouldn't know a thing was happening here - other than a side comment or two from people in class, the world continues on as if nothing is happening in our country's largest city. Thousands have fled their homes. Meanwhile in Grahamstown papers continue to be due.

Much love to you all, keep your prayers going.
Read more about it here.

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Victor said...

This reminds me of my life group when the video from Free State came out. One guy in the group could not understand why the leaders of our life group did not do a session on it or even just allow a few minutes to speak about it. Distance. . .reminds me how to lead when I read your words. I did not know (from your last entry) about gang raping women.