Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What 27 looks like

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A reflection on 26:
November - celebrated 26 years in Burley, Idaho with my family, and Thanksgiving on the ranch in Arizona.
December - February - The great job hunt - two trips out to D.C. and one to NYC.  Surviving the great blizzards of December and February in DC with Victor.
March - "Spring break" with the wonderful JCI ladies in Houston.  Job interviews like crazy.
April - finding direction in what I wanted in my job.. four job offers, big decisions and a cross-country move that included a wonderful stop at the ranch.
May - Starting my new job/life in Connecticut, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp training, big personal upheavals.
June - Vietnam to witness the magic of Camp Colors of Love
July/August - Dominican Republic and learning from challenge.  Quick trip to the ranch with the family.
September - Back to New Haven to discover what my new life in the USA would be.
October - My little brother got married!  Sun Valley Idaho for one of the most incredible weeks ever.
November - trip to South Africa for our amazing Network Meeting, (and to see Estelle!) and a planning visit to Tobati, Paraguay.
November 17th, 2010 - New Haven Connecticut, dinner party with my newly formed circle of wonderful friends and pizza delivered by mom and dad, per tradition.

26 was dynamic.  Both hard and beautiful.  I learned a LOT about.. a lot.

Bring it on 27!