Monday, May 12, 2008

failure to launch

The journalism department at Rhodes (which includes three of my house mates), in conjunction with Grocott's, a local newspaper, has decided to start a whole series of newspaper clubs in several township schools around Grahamstown. The goal is to enhance literacy and writing skills, as well as empower the kids and foster creativity. One of the start-up teams asked for my help to work with the students and lead focus groups. Today was supposed to be the first day, and I was SO excited. So... at two we headed over to one of the schools, with a trunk full of 100 peanutbutter and jam sandwiches, as well as high hopes and expectations... just to find out all of the kids had just been sent home so that the teachers could have a meeting. What a bummer. They failed to let the team know that today was going to be a short day (or, more likely, it wasn't decided until recently that it would be a short day.) So, no workshop today. :(

But - one very positive thing came out of it - since the sandwiches needed to be eaten, we decided to take them over to a local boy's shelter, Eluxuloweni (which means place of peace in Xhosa). The director's face lit up when we told him we had 100 sandwiches to give him.

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