Saturday, July 19, 2008

What would you do with 100 billion dollars?

Posted: 07:08 AM ET

HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) — Zimbabwe’s troubled central bank introduced new $100 billion banknotes Saturday in a desperate bid to ease the recurrent cash shortages plaguing the inflation-ravaged economy.

The new bills, officially come into circulation Monday but they on already on the foreign currency dealers market Saturday.

As high as they are, though, the new bills still aren’t enough to buy a loaf of bread. They can only buy four oranges.

Once-prosperous Zimbabwe has seen an unprecedented economic meltdown since its independence from Great Britain in 1980, with the official inflation rate now at 2.2 million percent.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whirlwind!!! - Kruger, Grahamstown, and headed to Uganda/Rwanda!

After Botswana, we flew from Zambia to Johannesburg, got upgraded to the most ridiculously large hotel room I have ever seen, and drove to Kruger National Park.

We spent two days viewing game in the park, seeing the Big 5 (Lion, leopard, elephant, water buffalo and rhino!!) within 24 hours, and then drove from Kruger to Durban.

From Durban, we drove another day to get to Grahamstown, where we are now!!!

Right now Grahamstown has been transformed by the National Arts Festival - the 2nd largest arts festival in the WORLD! It is incredibly fantastic. Last night I heard one of the best choirs I have ever heard in my entire life - one of my Rotary scholar friends, Sam, is part of it (see her blog from the links on the side of my page)!! Links coming ----

Today I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready for tomorrow, when we leave for Port Elizabeth.

From PE, I say goodbye to my parents :( and head to UGANDA and RWANDA with Rosa!!!!!

I may or may not be able to post for the next couple of weeks as I travel over there, but know that lots and lots of updates and pictures are coming!

Lots of love!!!