Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazing weekend

We had an amazing week last week with 3 public holidays all in one week!!!
For the occasion, Victor came to visit from Cape Town, and I had the chance to show him around the Eastern Cape.

The first night he arrived, I took him to our huge weekly 'community dinner' with a bunch of friends and anyone we see along the way (called 'taco night' because we attempt to cook tacos, which invariably become pancakes because of lack of Mexican food supplies) .

The second day, we spent an amazing day at the beach in Port Alfred with other Ambassadorial scholars and several of my roommates and friends, and on the last night, we celebrated Brenda's birthday with her (hence all of the dress up shots) For some reason, the picture theme of the night was to do a pouty "blue steel" face - at which, we found, I am amazingly bad. Brenda's party was ridiculously amazing - she cooked a NINE course dinner for us all, one of the most extravagant and great meals I have had EVER. Between each course she had us change seats so that we were constantly sitting next to new people. (Brenda is an ambassadorial scholar from last year who stayed at Rhodes this year to finish her Masters Degree) She's the one in the picture with no front tooth. :) This is due to a tragic accident on her 'real' birthday and not due to the boxing gloves in the same picture, thankfully. :)

It was SOOOOO unbelievably wonderful to have Victor here for a few days and get the chance to relax and have a good time and actually see him in PERSON for a while!! It was also fun to introduce him to all of my new friends here and get to spend some quality time with them as well. All in all - an amazing long weekend! Thanks to everyone for the good food, good fun and great company!

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