Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eben's birthday Braai

Eben's 25th birthday was on May 20th, so this weekend he had a South African style 'braai' (similar to a barbeque) to celebrate. He grilled (braaied) a bunch of meat, Alicia and Rosa baked a cake, and we all just hung out, ate, and chatted. All of which we are exceptionally good at. Following are a bunch of pictures from the evening.

Here is a picture of my roommates (from left to right): Rhoda (Cape Town), me, Khosie (Mtata), Estelle (Pretoria), Cilnette (Johannesburg).
Brenda, me and Rosa - representing brunette Ambassadorial Scholars of the world. ;)
Z, Antony, me, Alicia and Eben outside after stuffing ourselves with braaied meat, bread, and cake.
Alicia and I looking especially wholesome.

Happy Birthday EBEN!!!!!!!!!!
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Victor said...

Wholesome and oh so cute!