Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luang Prabang: Whiskey Village and Pak Ou Caves

On Thursday, Rach and I decided to take a tour of the Pak Ou Caves.  The tour came in a package with a tour of a 'whiskey village', so before we knew it we were standing in front of this:
I think this is where we were supposed to learn about how whiskey was made, but unfortunately our tour guide had just started 12 days before and didn't seem to know anything about whiskey making.  Oh... and that might be because until 12 days before, he had been a monk.  
So instead of telling us about whiskey, he gave us a sample of rice wine.

And then asked us if we wanted to buy these.
And then took us to a temple.  Which he knew a lot more about.
Monk's robes drying.
To enter any temple (and most buildings), they ask you to remove your shoes.
After our 'tour' of the whiskey village, we were off to the caves.
We crossed the river by boat.

And entered the (very) dark upper caves first.

And then headed down to the lower caves...

To see the hundreds upon hundreds (thousands?) of Buddha statues.

Lots of Buddhas..

And lots...

Beautiful views..

More Buddhas..

And more...

And more.

Not the highlight, and ok to skip... but interesting none the less!

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