Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lately I have run across so many inspiring/thought provoking videos and articles.  Here's a bit of a brain dump:

Amy Cuddy on what we tell ourselves with our body language:

Article by Liza Baron: How to Manage Natural Leaders
"In some cases, such as with natural leaders, traits which initially present as challenging behaviours can be turned into strengths. Or, looking at it a different way, the things you find most challenging in some people are so interlinked with their strengths that to try and eradicate them would be to lose the good stuff as well."

Hans Rosling on Religion and Babies and why the world will never have more than 10 billion people:

watch here

The wonderful Dr. Renee Botta speaking on a project I was a part of long ago that has evolved into a social enterprise and is changing lives!:

A documentary about a school whose mission makes my heart beat hard: "A Place In The World is a feature-length documentary about a small charter school called "The International Community School" (ICS). The school takes on an issue that plagues many communities: what to do for the refugee and immigrant populations whose children are falling behind in traditional public schools. ICS' conclusion: placing these kids together with local American children will allow for a trade-off that, if nurtured and encouraged, will benefit both parties greatly. The school is comprised of about half refugee children and half local American children."

and some Organizations that continually blow me away:

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