Friday, June 15, 2012

A few reasons why I am IN LOVE with Luang Prabang

Our hotel room was $6.  As in, $3 each.  And it was clean.  

You can walk down the street and run into this.

And this.

There are photo ops in front of gigantic golden doors.

You can take self-portraits with mosaic-ed elephants.

Watch sesame chips dry, and then eat them.

Run into thousands of chili pepper drying on the street.

Cross a bamboo bridge to get to lunch.

Eat crepes with nutella and bananas a minimum of 2 times a day.

Climb these stairs...
to see this view....
and watch this sunset.
This is what your feet look like when you watch that sunset.

And when you come back down.. you can go to the night market.
And shop for a straight mile of souveniers.  And the shop keepers are actually really really wonderful to bargain with - friendly, funny and fair.
Buy coolest bags ever for under $5!
Hungry? Turn a corner and you have blocks and blocks of street food (more on that later.)
Awesome French-colonial architecture meets east.

Did I mention the bags at the night market?

The stop signs are the coolest ever.
These doors actually exist in this color - um.... best doors EVER.
Did I mention the crepes?  Did I mention that you can add COCONUT ICECREAM to the top?  
And to get to the airport?  You take a tuk tuk.  

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