Friday, June 15, 2012

Luang Prabang: Street Food Day!

Rachael and I decided to take the street food challenge and ONLY eat street food for a day.
The result: we ate for an entire day for under $10 (and we definitely didn't hold back!)
And... we survived!  Tummies are still good!
So if you add this up with the $3 we each paid for our hotel - it is possible to travel in Laos for $13 a day, officially making it the cheapest place I have ever traveled.  Awesome.

Breakfast: Waffles and bananas, bought from the morning market!

Lunch: Mango banana yogurt smoothie and egg sandwiches, from a street stall!

Dinner: buffet at the night market - noodles, spring rolls and dumplings!

Dessert: Oreo shakes from a street stall. YUM

1 comment:

K Bailey said...

Does your stomach hurt often? If I ate all those crazy foods....I'd be frequenting a bathroom!