Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy happy father's day to my daddio.  He's my dad, my friend, my travel buddy, my adviser, the one I most love to disagree about politics with, and my hero.  He taught me to love the outdoors, the piano, the blues, history, grilling, Mexico, a good game, New Orleans, Yellowstone, rafting, family history and family time.  He's taught me to value making time to sit down for dinner, leaving work at work, asking my elders about their stories, giving back to my community, and valuing lifelong relationships with friends and family.  He's the rock of our family and the best example of a father, son, grandson and husband that I can imagine.  Thank you dad, I don't know how I got so lucky.  I am proud to be your daughter.

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Kent said...

Very touching. Thank you, Dew Drop. Love you.