Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrating Blaine on Block Island!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of one of my very favorite people by taking a little trip to Block Island, just off of the coast of Rhode Island.  The weather channels had predicted rain, but we somehow avoided that and it turned into a perfect summer day.
Here are some pictures of our adventure! 
The ferry from Port Judith, RI out to Block Island!

Blaine and Tim studying up for our adventure.
Some of us do better with early mornings than others.
Aly, Blaine and I. <3
Doesn't he kind of look like a grandpa?
Blaine had a little surprise for us for our transport for the day!  Yessssssss!
The front seat!  Getting us places!
We did a little shopping.  Tim especially liked that part and found a new hobby in the process.
I kind of thought this was going to look more creative than it does. ;)
After shopping, we did a little smoothie drinking...
And navigating (of which I had no part - the best for all concerned)...
And found ourselves a beach for napping /winning most stylish sunbathers contests...
And a beach for brunching/lunching...
And a beach for exploring..
The shockingly beautiful beaches of Block island.  I never anticipated to find such white sand or aqua-blue water on the east coast...
Aly taking it all in.
My toes were there too.

No celebration of Blaine could be complete without dark and stormies!  
The beautiful birthday girl.  I love how this picture captured her eyes.  She is one of the kindest people I know, and though a picture could never capture that - I feel like it comes across a little  in this one.
Big Poppa  pleased with life.
Stunning views on the ferry back to the mainland.
Capping the night off with a little back yard camp fire. :)

What better way to spend a beautiful summer day than celebrating one of my favorite people, exploring a new place, island, sun, beach, views, fabulous company, enough laughs to make your face hurt, and a camp fire....
just dreamy.

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