Saturday, September 20, 2008


The ANC, which is the ruling political party of South Africa, just announced that it decided to recall Thabo Mbeki before the end of his term next year, a move that could collapse the government. Mbeki has been accused of interfering in the judicial process that was taking place around the incoming president, Jacob Zuma. Mbeki is only the 2nd president of the democratic South Africa - he is the successor of Nelson Mandela.

In other words, they are ousting the president of the country. My roommates are just saying that this is more or less an organized or civilized coup.
This is a huge move -- pray for political stability.

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Victor said...

I didn't imagine that the government would collapse, but I'm speaking from hindsight. I did imagine that it's not best for the country, though many people think it's best for democracy. I have trouble understanding that phrase and thought. It does show the mechanics of democracy are working in South Africa. But it has no bearing on if it's government by ALL the people, for ALL the people, of ALL the people. That's the big question. Of course, I do not come across a representative sample of South Africans so just because I have not met EVEN ONE person who professes support for Zuma, maybe I just don't know most South Africans.

Interesting how parties oust people. Now the third premier is gone (Gauteng province)