Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye, Mbeki.

I just watched the president of South Africa formally resign. One of my roommates started crying (which in turn of course made me tear up as well - can't let anyone cry alone). Though I have been here for 9 months, I can only begin to understand what it would feel like to have to sit and watch the president of your country step down for reasons that are not fully understood. It is a tense and trying time for the nation. However, it is also a point where this young democracy could truly mature, if it is handled correctly. Keep it and all South Africans in your prayers as they face the future.

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Victor said...

I had a friend (Black Zulu girl in Cape Town) tell me when the voting people (government people who come around to encourage you to register to vote; here you register every time) come around to ask her to vote, she will say "Did you ask my opinion when you threw Mbeki out? Then why do you want my opinion now? I'm not voting."