Monday, September 29, 2008

Chapter one, coming up... and a new president for South Africa!

Today I will submit Chapter 1 of my thesis - eeeek! I have some MAJOR writing to do before this afternoon.

Oh, and we have a new president of South Africa. I really don't know anything about him - other than he sacked the health minister, which leads me to the next news....

The last one was - and I'm not a bit ashamed to feel this way - one of the worst things to ever happen to South Africa. I personally believe that her prevarication has directly led to the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of HIV positive people. That said, I wish her well in her new career and thank God that there is someone else in her position.

What a year to be in South Africa!

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Victor said...

You sound as excited as Anna about the new health minister. I didn't realise there was prevarication; I thought it was just honest denial.