Friday, September 5, 2008


I surprised Victor on his birthday on August 2nd by driving with Kate Lindsay and Rach to Cape Town. We essentially crashed his birthday party dinner. It was so much fun to be the one surprising him for once! The pictures on the left are from his birthday dinner.

However, I didn't get to gloat long, because this week, Victor ONCE AGAIN surprised me by coming to Grahamstown! He arrived in the middle of the night, but I didn't hear my phone, so I didn't see him until Sunday morning (the poor guy had to sleep in the car!) --- it was such a wonderful, relaxing week with him! Since he drove, we also got be tourists and see some of the sites that I haven't ever seen around Grahamstown, like the local monastery and the Observatory museum, where you can see the entire city of Grahamstown projected on to a plate. It was actually really, really cool. We also volunteered together at the preschool I work at each week.

Pictures: Top row - Victor playing his guitar in my room, Victor figuring out a way to get a bird out of my house (it flew in the window), Volunteering at the preschool. Middle row - Victor and I at the Monastery, monastery view, and Vic and I overlooking Grahamstown. Bottom Row - Vic climbing down from the observatory, the monastery sign, and Vic and I again at the monastery.

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