Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Malawi bound!

I had a wonderful, wonderful time in Pretoria with Estelle and her family. Estelle took me for a taste of Afrikaner culture around Pretoria (including a meal at Boer'giousie and a visit to the Voertrekker monument! - pictures coming shortly) . I also had the chance to *relax* in their beautiful home, get some reading done, and take long naps. :) Yesterday we headed into Johannesburg to the American consulate and I was able to get long awaited pages added to my ridiculously full passport - yay! I will finally not have to stress out every time I cross a border.

And now - I am sitting in the airport awaiting my flight to Malawi. Tracy and her daughter McKallie are most likely on my same flight, so I am keeping my eye out for them. I am extremely excited.

A special thank you to Estelle and her wonderful family for taking me in and making me feel at home the last several days!!!!

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