Friday, January 9, 2009

Four Generations of Greatness

While I was visiting YES, a little bit of magic happened. For the first time ever, we were able to get four generations of amazingess together in one room. Katie, on the far left, was my mentor when I was a first year teacher. She made my life bearable, provided endless support, anecdotes, advice, and more than anything, gave me an example of what a truly great teacher looks like. Not only is she phenomenal at her job, but she loves the kids with every bit of her, and watching her showed me what really matters in teaching. The next year, I had the chance to be a mentor, and my little precious Pears (middle right) came to YES. Now, she didn't quite need the mentoring that I did because she became a master teacher after something like 3 weeks in the classroom (no lie, she's a phenomenon), and in truth, she took care of me MUCH more than I ever took care of her, but we definitely passed on the legacy of fabulousness and love that Katie started, and we turned into team Best EVER. Then my little one grew up and now she has a mentee of her own, my grandbaby Cara (far right). This was my first time meeting my grandbaby, and I couldn't be prouder. :)

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