Friday, January 9, 2009


After leaving Houston, I had to return to Denver for about 5 days for meetings and such to prepare for my Jerusalem program. Last time I was in town I stayed with my friends John and Meredith (how do I get so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life who willingly take my homeless self in?!) While in town this time around I invaded the home of my best friend Catherine and her husband Peter. They have been the most fabulous hosts. Just look at the little cuties:

Maybe their married-ness inspired me, because a couple of nights ago I had a bout of domesticism kick in. This, my friends, is a ridiculously rare sight, so soak in the photos while you can. I decided I needed to cook a roast, of all things, and it turned out gloriously. Behold:
I was super proud. Don't you want a closer look?!

Cat and Peter helped too.

I also decided I needed to bake bread. What I didn't take into consideration is that the bread would have to rise. twice. and then still be baked. so the bread got finished at 11pm, a mere 3 hours after we had dinner. I never claimed to have a talent at this.
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