Monday, April 23, 2012

Unite for Sight

Global Health
Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship
International Development

This conference pretty much rocked my world.
I feel like they made it especially for me.
I love it so much that I spent my first two days back in the country there.  I rolled in Friday evening, went out with some friends that night, and then first thing Saturday morning, I was registering for my first workshop!

Jet lagged?  Yes.
Exhausted?  Yes.
Inspired?  Incredibly.
My mind is spinning.
I think its from being excited, but maybe its the jet lag....

These are just some of the organizations and projects I got to hear about:

And it goes on and on... so many ideas... so many incredible people... so much amazing stuff is going on out there!  Its so hopeful, so energizing, so fun!

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Kent said...

Unite for Sight and Lions Clubs International support one another in projects around the world. Many of the glasses that are donated come through Lions organizations and those supported by Lions such as New Eyes for the Needy. Just thought you might want to know.