Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday morning and afternoon - Saigon

Breakfast time!  Pho!  Aka chicken noodle soup... yum!
Right after breakfast, my friend Quyen picked me up for a personalized tour of Saigon.
First stop (at my request), the War Remnants Museum - as in the American Agression War - as in what we call the Vietnam War.  Holy heavy.
Unwinding and catching up over a cup of filtered coffee.  The filter is right on top of the cup!  It filters itself right on top of a generous scoop of sweetened condensed milk.  Then of course you pour it over ice (drinking something hot sounds like torture).  Plus a little carrot cake? Oh my goodness... DELICOUS.
Fortunately Quyen has been riding her scooter since she was 13, so she knows how to navigate the traffic... I just held on for dear life.

Lunch time!  We went to a Central Vietnamese restaurant and got a sampler platter so I could try all sorts of things.  Notice the little green package on the far left - its rice wrapped in a lotus leaf!  Also notice the FRESH passion fruit juice, seeds and all.

Quyen didn't want me to miss getting a picture of the 'Disneyland church'!  I'm contemplating going to Easter mass here tomorrow.  Certainly the pinkest church I have ever seen!

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Katie Norwood said...

I know I've said it before, but you are like the coolest person EVER. In the world. For real. Love your pics.... amazing!