Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday evening in Saigon

First item of business... FOOD!  We beelined for Banh Mi - Vietnamese sandwiches, aka heaven on a baguette and utter joy, wrapped in paper and able to be eaten while strolling along the moto-filled streets.
Taking a little break from the traffic.

Selling pop-up cards.  Take note, these may be coming to a mailbox near you - I may or may not have bought pretty much her entire stock.

Handmade silk shirts anyone?  My colleague had several made.  Two days and a little bargaining later, she is custom dressed!

We stumbled upon an old propoganda shop, filled with war-time vintage posters.  It was so fascinating.

View of Saigon from the top of the Rex Hotel.

An evening at the Correspondence Club at the Rex Hotel - cold beverage, spring rolls presented on a fire-lit pineapple, beautiful views.

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Lincoln & Anjane' said...

I love your photos and the way that you capture the culture of each place that you visit! By the way, the food there looks amazing! I have withdrawals when I visit the U.S. and can't have the authentic Mexican food that I am used to. :)