Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I am in Paraguay

Today I'm in Paraguay.  I got here on Monday, but it may as well have been 4 months ago for how much has been packed into the last few days.  I'll be here for about a month.

After a measly 4 days of not speaking English, I have already lost the ability to think in any language.  I remember thinking something funny at dinner, but half an hour later, I can't remember it for the life of me, so the best I've got is a stream of consciousness series of sentences and/or phrases.  To be honest, my mind is in such a state of shock that it probably wasn't funny anyway.. I would have been lucky if it was even coherent.

Here we go:

We are getting ready for the first GPI program in South America, and the first ever to serve children with cancer. 
I have a rock star team.
I love them.
It is hot. 
Really hot.
Hotter than what you are thinking right now.
I promise.
I shook hands with a monkey named Mario.
And sat in his excrement.
I kill cockroaches like it is my job.
It actually used to be my job.
 I shoved in front of an entire line of Argentinians at the immigration desk in Buenos Aires, including a pregnant woman who looked like she was in the middle of labor. 
I may have lost some karma points, but I made my plane. 
I wonder what trumps what?  Shoving pregnant woman versus making my plane so I can make a camp for kids with cancer?
I just copied that from an email I wrote my coworker.
I am that lazy.
I will blame it on the fact that I have lost 90% of my electrolytes to sweat over the last few hours.
I was in Buenos Aires for approximately 20 minutes.
It made me remember my time as a little ISA kid.
And made me a little nostalgic.
What a wonderful, magical experience that was.
I think everyone should have the chance to study abroad.
Last night I danced on a patio under the stars with Paraguayos, ate the most delicious carne asada I have ever tasted, and spoke a sentence in the past conditional completely naturally.
I really like training people.
I really really like supporting people who are training people.
I really love my team.
Its hot.
I'm repeating.
Let's hope this isn't a sign of how I write now.
Buenos noches loved ones.

Status: Exhausted, unable to speak Spanish or English coherently, in love with my lot in life.

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K Bailey said...

Oh keep blogging....I've missed reading your stories!