Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Get

Three days later, I remember that funny thing I was trying to think of.  Ok, ready?

In English I use the verb 'to get' I don't know... maybe 4000 times a day? 

We have a Field Consultant from Spain.  In Spain, they use the word 'coger' to mean 'to get'.

You coger the bus, coger the pencil, coger your things out of your room.... etc.  It is perhaps one of the most useful words in Spanish. 

In Paraguay, coger means to...the F word.  The bad F word.

You see where this is going?

Our Field Consultant says coger a lot.

She also leads a lot of our training sessions about very important topics that we are trying to teach.

An example from one of our training sessions:

Field Consultant: "And then all of you go into your room together and coger it."
Everyone else: (rolling on the floor crying from laughing so hard)
Field Consultant: (looking a very similar color to the tomatoes we ate at lunch)

.......I'm not sure if we have actually taught anything useful at this training, but we are certainly laughing.

xo from Paraguay.

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