Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spritual Advisors and Sunsets

So in case I forgot to mention it, my job is to train trainers and manage camp programs for children with serious or chronic illnesses (usually HIV, but the program I am working on now in Paraguay is actually our first program for children with cancer!) in developing countries.  I specifically work in Latin America (so far the Dominican Republic and Paraguay), and Asia (Vietnam and soon to be India).  We work in partnership with local organizations, so I do all of my work hand in hand with a local leadership team.  To support our work and because there are never enough hands to get these programs rolling, we bring one or two "Field Consultants" with us to help support the local leadership team.  Here in Paraguay, I have two fabulous Field Consultants with me - one from Italy and one from Spain.

The Parguayan Leadership Team has taken to calling our Field Consultants their “Spiritual Advisors”. So many of our conversations today went like this:

Haley: Maria*, what icebreaker are you going to use to introduce the training session?

Maria: (thoughtful pause) “Excuse me while I consult my spiritual advisor.”

(Field Consultand and Maria whisper for a minute)

Maria: “Mingle mingle because we need to divide them into groups for the session”

Haley: Thank you.

*changed the names :)

In other news, check out this sunset from the other night--- WOW.

The beauty that there is in this world blows me away.

Status: Happy, Anxious, and procrastinating sleep as the first day of training is tomorrrooooww!  Body is  covered in a rainbow of marker from the 200 lists I made today.

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Jen said...

im so glad you are writing again. ive missed you.