Saturday, January 29, 2011

Staff Training - Campamento Tape Jerovia!

The first day of training.  I feel like this somehow proves I am in Paraguay:
Last minute to do list, before the staff arrive:
Mario, the hotel monkey, ready to welcome our team:
 Benito and Margarita, our special Training guests, came to explain the rules on the first day:
  Team building:
  Showing how we are all connected and welcoming everyone to training:
 Construcuting a map of camp (with a little bit of metaphor used for the borders)
 Teaching the importance of providing the opportunity to choose our challenges:
 Praciticing positive labeling
 Skinned and bruised knees and a swollen ankle that I didn't even notice until I went to bed the first night.  Adrenaline is quick the pain killer. 
 Gettin groovy for Stage Night
 Super Staff!  Every staff receive special recongition during the week, just like we do with the kiddos.
Our pool - I know.  I know.
 A skit mocking me, the director and one of our field consultants.  The girl impersonating me nailed the way I wave my hands like there is a fire every time a talk, how I am overly exciting about EVERYTHING, and how I have a ridiculous accent and choose the wrong word in Spanish about 70% of the time.  The girl was DEAD ON.  Fuuniest thing I've seen in a long time.
 Leadership Team late night meeting marathons everynight, planning for the next day
 Ne'e Guyguy, the Guarani word for soft talk... a nightly meeting with our groups to have a chance to talk quietly around a candle.
 The last day: the group awarded us a huge 'SUPER LEADER' award... so precious.

 Our Tape Jerovia team
 We did it we did it!!!  Our leadership team realizing that TRAINING WAS COMPLETE!
Now... a day of much earned rest.


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Rachael said...

Yay!!! The Statue of Liberty made it to Paraguay!! P.S. Can you please stuff me in your suitcase for your next camp! I miss all this teambuilding!!