Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Favorite Moments of 2010

Welcoming 2010 with my parents and Elisa in Mexico.

Snuggling with Jeannie in Dallas and surprising JCI in Austin.

Hunkering down during Snowmaggedon in DC with Vic.

My first Habitat for Humanity Build in the USA.

Job offers and planning for a move to the East Coast.

Driving across the United States to my new home in New Haven, Connecticut

Seeing my first firefly, ever, in Vietnam.

Seeing the results of capacity building first hand, and falling in love with my job.

The Life is Good Concert in Boston.

Finally believing I can speak Spanish in the Dominican Republic.

Terrific Tuesdays and feeling like I have a home in Connecticut.

Reconnecting with Cat, Karlee and Robyn over Christmas break.

Saying goodbye to 2010 in Times Square with some of my favorite people.

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