Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Strong Bigote

I learned a new word today: Bigote.

I learned this word today on our drive to visit the site where we will be holding training next week.  It was a hot and sticky ride.  Up until today it has been raining, which though semi-depressing and soggy, also has meant that it has stayed pleasantly cool.  Today, not so much.  Its about a 45 minute drive to the training site from La Romana, where we are staying now.  Myself and my three gringo colleagues piled into the back seat of our camp director's sister's car for the ride over.  We used the "one butt cheek on the seat and one on the lap of the person next to you" method, and within about 2 minutes we were so sweaty that we were sticking together and anytime anyone moved an arm or a leg it was like pulling velcro apart. 

This heat also didn't do anything for my stinky-licious chaco sandals.  These things continue reek with a force that I never thought was possible. Our camp director (who is now one of my new favorite people - fiesty, spunky, about 4 foot 9 but enough personality to fill a football team) told me that I should hang my feet out of the window while we were driving.  It gets worse every day, which isn't the best news considering that they are the only shoes that I brought for the next three weeks other than a pair of shower flip flops. 

Anyway, while we were driving (and sweating, and smelling bad), a woman crossed the street right in front of us and came about 2 inches from getting plowed over by a motorcycle.  We all gasped and then watched as she proceeded to attempt to push the motorcyclist off of his bike.  He wobbled, but continued on.  This in and of itself struck us all as amusing, but really what was funny was that she had a very thick... bigote.  Let's just say that women don't usually have bigotes, at least not like this one.  This lady had a bigote that rivaled Groucho Marx or Sonny Bono (in the hayday).  I mean, we are not talking a few little stray hairs - we are talking a full fledged legitimate mustache.

As our camp director said: a very STRONG bigote.

.......Maybe you had to be there.

It was funny, trust me.  The strong bigote had us in fits of sticky hot laughter that got us through a good chunk of the drive to the training site.

Time for cold shower and bed. 
Miss you loved ones.

PS - Magic soap update: I brushed my teeth with it last night and this morning - and it wasn't bad!  It didn't even taste that bad.  It did foam like crazy - to the point where it looked like I had a small beard of foam hanging down from my mouth (which amused me for much longer than I would have originally thought and I even contemplated taking a picture ... )


Jen said...

have you talked with your dentist about this switch?

just kidding.

mine told me the other day that cavities are contagious. i was like ugh, yeah, well im still kissing my husband.

Jen said...

sorry, i cant help but comment on each post. its a disorder, i swear.

Kent said...

One of my great traumas occurred when I was 5 years old and my loving great aunt with a serious bigote leaned over for a kiss - amazing how some things can haunt you for life.