Friday, July 23, 2010

Magic Soap, and other magic things.

Since I now have a life where I live out of a very small suitcase (read: carry on) about 50% of the time, I am on a personal quest... no, more than that.. an EPIC personal quest to reduce the amount of STUFF in my life that I need to lug around while at the same time make room for small comforts that make me feel happy, comfortable, at home in sometimes not so comfortable or at-homey places.

So in other words, I am trying to reduce the amount of un-fun stuff that I carry around so that I have room to pack fun things like... People magazines.  (I never said I was a good person.)

Ok, so the latest things I decided to eliminate: liquidy stuff... and underwear.. but the underwear I will save for another story.  (I know, you can't wait.  You are probably thinking this is the best blog in the world.)

Back to the point.

I bought magic soap.

For real.  Check it out:

It smells like peppermint and it has 18 uses or something...I don't know what they all are, but for my purposes, it is shampoo, body soap, laundry detergent (very importante when you are eliminating the number of underwears you pack...), and toothpaste.  Ok, I'll admit, I haven't brushed my teeth with it yet.  But I am going to, tonight.

This trip is its test run, so I still brought toothpaste and shampoo and stuff.. but if it works out... IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!  Just one little bottle is all that I will need.  Think of how many trashy magazines could fill the space that all of those little miniature bottles of body wash/shampoo/conditioner used to take! (ok, its probably only 1, but still!)

I have been itching to share about this magic soap, so I appreciate the blog-world outlet.  My work companions are sick of hearing about this.  They haven't said so (they are very nice people), but I can tell.  To be fair, I updated them on the soap saga three different times today.  And the saga is not really much of a saga... its more like.. telling someone you just washed your hands/hair/face/underwear/etc.

Simple pleasures.

I hope you all find the equivalent of magic soap today.


PS - everything I own (including my clothes, hair and skin) now smells like peppermint. I am still deciding if this is an upside or a downside to this new system.


Jen said...

so yeah, i have that stuff (another kind) and i make all my counter-top and bathroom and other clean stuff spray with it. it works magic! i just mix simmered rosemary or lavender and that stuff and im good to go on cleaning the house.

Kent said...

Those suppressed memories of float trips and Camp Suds coming through.