Saturday, June 20, 2009

You know you might be getting scammed when...

1. You show up at the building that the “realtor” says his office is in, but no one in the entire building has ever heard of him

2. The “realtor” shows up after you call to ask again where his office is, laughs off the fact no one has ever heard of him (including the people in the offices directly next door), and shows you into an office with a different company’s logo on the door.

3. The office that you are shown into is approximately 2 feet by 2 feet large, so he has you and your 4 companions stand, one outside the door, while he talks to you.

4. He asks you what price he quoted you on the apartment, then tells you he charges 10% commission, then asks you what 10% of what he quoted you is.

5. He takes you to an apartment building, but doesn’t have keys to get in, so you just stand outside.

6. He adamently insists at least three different times that you just need to trust him.

7. He then tells you that there is another apartment for triple the price just down the block and he can surely get you in to that one.

8. He tells you he doesn’t ‘trek’ so you have to take a cab to the apartment down the block.

9. When people in your group have had enough and argue with him, he disappears under the pretense of looking for a cab, never to be seen again.

Ah, apartment hunting in Nairobi.

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Victor said...

That hypothetical situation is so funny.