Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The LAUREN Project

This project was set up in memory of Lauren Johnson, a member of my Jerusalem Program team who died of carbon monoxide poisoning just 5 days before we left for Jerusalem.

It turned out that I took her internship placement at Rabbis for Human Rights when my original placement fell through.

Her legacy of integrity and passion for human rights is something that had a large impact on me during my time in Jerusalem, and is something I still think of often.

Her family and supporters are creating a fund to assist people who want to volunteer overseas. They also are working hard to educate about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and are pushing for everyone to have a detector (my roommate just put one in our house last week!).

Check out the link:


The Call's said...

We are sorry that your dear friend died of malaria.

What a wonderful human rights project. I wish we had so many more people like you and like her.

Victor said...

That's a beautiful picture of Lauren. The fact that she had a legacy at so young an age speaks volumes. I'm going to check out the link.