Saturday, June 20, 2009


For anyone who thought the last post was the opposite of funny -
We were with two members of the Ecotact staff who smelled this guy out from a mile away (as did I - every red flag in the book was going off in my head), and there was no way we would ever have done business with him.
I don't want to worry anyone.

More apartment hunting will ensue today, surely with more stories.

I'm still jet lagging - spent the better part of the night last night staring at the ceiling scheming and planning about who knows what.

On a side note, I FINALLY started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude, and I love love love it (thanks Pearsy!!!!).


Victor said...

I did think the previous post was funny. Interesting sites that you're into (on your side wall).

Jennifer said...

i couldn't get into that book. dang it. one day i will try again. so glad you are safe and that you found an apt.