Monday, June 15, 2009

tomorrow = Nairobi

i just got back from an amazing weekend in Charleston, South Carolina with amazing friends.

I rolled back into Denver last night at 1am.
and my head is spinning a little because of the fact that tomorrow i'll be back in Africa.

today is stress day, since i have the inability to transition in a normal manner.

indulge me for a minute - - - - -

taking advantage of all of these amazing opportunities..
sometimes makes me a little tired.

and i just want things like:

  • a plant
  • a comfortable couch
  • my own plates and forks
  • consistent electricity and internet
  • an income where i do more than break even
  • to be able to call/see/snuggle with my fam/friends when i want
  • a car
  • to be in one place for more than a few months
  • not to have to worry about catching malaria or bilharzia
  • a porch
  • and a fireplace
  • stability
  • flushing toilets with toilet paper that isn't dyed green
  • to be with my fiance for more than a couple of days..
  • or at least in the same time zone..
  • or even same continent
  • to not live out of a suitcase
  • to throw dinner parties
  • to be able to take yoga classes
  • to speak the same first language as the people around me
  • to not be stared at for looking or dressing differently
  • to be able to plan my wedding
  • to be able to attend my friend's weddings and birthday parties
  • to be able to eat food that i like..
  • like fresh leafy veggies..
  • and berries..
  • and not worry that they will make me super sick
  • to not have to think about malaria pills

but then i think about it a little harder

and my heart starts pumping

and i remember that i actually really, really love this

and i pack my bags again.

see you in September.


Kent said...

One out of 28 ain't bad - you and Victor will be on the same continent for 10 days or so..........

Elisa Chen said...

Haley... I will get the domestic stuff taken care for you.... waiting for you to come back. All done...come home.

Elisa Chen said...

Haley, I gots the domestic stuff taken care of....don't worry. Just come back to TP maybe green but thats it. Promise.

Victor said...

A few of those items are telling. They show were your heart is. . .