Thursday, November 27, 2008

done and done.

That's right, folks, with an ENTIRE 2 hours and 19 minutes left before I leave...


Word count: 24, 344 (we had a minimum of 15,000 and a max of 25,000 - so I was starting to sweat a little there at the end, but it also helped wrap things the music at the Oscars).

Time - 3:14 am

Pages - 85 (at 1.5 space)

Relief - ENORMOUS.

Did I actually say anything important about AIDS? Who knows. But I surely learned a lot, and I surely took years off my life doing so. No matter, its done now. And I am very, very relieved (I might cry a little..)

Beach - here I come.

Signing off with love from Grahamstown,


getz said...

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Katie said...

Yay... congrats Haley! That's fantastic!