Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

I made it!! After essentially 4 straight days of travel, I am officially back on American soil, snuggled into the folds of freezing Burley, Idaho. I've been home now for about 60 hours, so I'm already forgetting some of my first impressions of being back.

Some Thoughts:
1. There a lot of white people in America.
2. There is also a ridiculous amount of 'stuff'.
3. People are wonderfully friendly and smile all of the time, I love it.
4. Thank you Lord for Mexican food.
5. I still can't figure out what side of the car to get on, and I definitely turned the wrong way onto Main Street yesterday.
6. I love the fact I can just pick up the phone and call my loved ones.
7. No one does customer service like the USA.
8. It is cold, and I may never be warm again.

I am still all off on when I eat and sleep - I ate two tacos al carbon before 5 am this morning.

Today, my family and I are taking a mini-vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho, where my Dad has lined up a sleigh ride for us. This does not exactly sound appealing at the moment as the HIGH temperature of the day is supposed to be 6 degrees Fahrenheit (-14.4 C). I'll let you know if I make it back alive. Considering less than a week ago I was in Zanzibar, where it was around 90 degrees F (33 C), I will be experiencing more than a 85 degree temperature change in less than 6 days.

Much more coming about my last week in Grahamstown, travels in East Africa, and wonderful homecoming. The Merriest of Christmases to you all!!!

Here are links to pictures from Kenya and Tanzania, more pics coming soon:
Lamu, Kenya:
Zanzibar, Tanzania:


Mike and Brit said...

HEY! This is Mike, welcome home!!! I'm sure this is quite a culture shock coming home to paved roads, Super WalMart, and Aguila Con El Taco! Ha Ha. I can kind of relate, coming home after living in the Dominican Republic for two years. Miss the people first and the culture second. I have read all your emails and have marveled at the places you have been and the things that you have accomplished. I apologize for not ever being a good communicator. I am bad at emails and phone calls although I have enjoyed receiving them and seeing where people are at. So yeah, I just want you to know that I'm proud of what you have done and what you are doing. I wish you all the luck on your further work. Merry Christmas from Mike and Brit.

P.S. I want those "red stilettos" back if you don't mind. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haley! This is Rachel Rathburn (I think you remember me...we ARE friends on facebook afterall ;-)). I couldn't help but comment...I loved reading about your travels! I actually work for an NGO that does work near the base of Mount Kil (Floresta). I've never been there, so I'm totally jealous you were there. I see you're going to Jerusalem...I LOVE IT there! Welcome back to the US and enjoy the rest of your travels. :-)