Friday, November 7, 2008

A Global President..

Here is more on the South African perception of the U.S. election of Barack Obama:
This cartoon is by the most famous South African political cartoonist - Zapiro. It ran today in the Mail and Guardian.
I am continually amazed at the enormous amount of attention that is being paid to this election here. People have approached me almost incessantly since Tuesday to congratulate me, tell me how excited they are, and share the news of what they were doing when they heard the news. It is truly an unparalleled phenomenon. I had a girl tell me yesterday how jealous she is that I get to have Obama be my president. And many people have told me how much better they feel knowing that someone will be in the White House who has a 'global vision'. I am still humbled by how affected people's everyday lives are all of the way across the world by what happens in the United States. It puts in perspective the enormous responsibility our nation holds not only regarding what happens within our own borders, but in a way, what happens to every person on this planet.

My prayers are certainly with the Obamas as they take on the symbolic role of 'global president.'

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Shannon said...

Hi Haley,
I've been enjoying reading about your experiences in S. Africa. What a wonderful time and experience. I've felt out of touch with you and your family, and am glad to be able to reconnect a bit a hear of your journeys. Recently, we've been helping a refugee family from Rwanda (originally from Congo) resettle in Tucson. Its been such an experience - one I'll never forget. The mother and her 5 children have been here a month and speak Swahili. I've also met a man from Sudan who has been here for 7 yrs. His story is amazing and really makes me appreciate the world that our boys are growing up in. It also makes me take a look at our priorities and all that we have. Just know that the impression that you are making on the people you help will be a lasting one. The mother that we're helping carried the papers/names of 2 volunteers from her camp who were from Canada. She wanted to find them when she reached the US. They were there for only a short time, but made such an impression.

Keep up the good work and learn as much as you can!