Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My parents and I 'snuck' across the border to Zimbabwe today, along with dozens of people crossing to try to get food. (and by snuck, I mean we walked across a bridge)..

My heart is still aching from what we saw - dozens of trucks of food backed up on the Zambia side trying to get into Zim... People packing food in suitcases in Zambia to take back to their families in Zimbabwe... dozens and dozens of people camped out at the border post with all of their luggage, trying to get across. We talked to a few people about how they were feeling about what is going on, they just said that it was bad.

I was so glad that my parents were up for the 'adventure' of seeing what it was like on the other side. I think all of us were profoundly effected by it. There was such a strikingly different feel from the Zambia to the Zimbabwe side - such a strikingly different feel to the people. People on the Zim side had a look of desperation to them that squeezed my heart.

The run-off elections were supposed to take place this Friday, but Mugabe announced that he would wage war if the opposition won, so the opposition leader pulled out of the race saying that he could not ask people to go out and vote knowing that they would face extreme violence. That means - --- I don't know what that means. It means that the elections won't happen as planned. It is not good.. at all.

This crisis has been on my heart heavily anyway the last months, but after seeing a glimpse of the situation first hand, it is all consuming to me. Please pray for the situation, if you are a pray-er.

Love to you.


Notes from the Underground said...

Did you speak anyone from Harare on the other side of the bridge? I understand that the city is in the northern part of the country, but I was wondering if things were better, worse, or the same there.

Victor said...

I think it's good he pulled out. Perhaps I will write about it in my update.