Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made it to Cape Town!

Ok, so to follow up on the last post.
I did receive a text message that told me that the bus was going to be 2 hours late.... and then two hours later, I received another one that said it was further delayed. Before I received the second text, I decided to go and find the bus stop. Now, when I say go and find the bus stop, it is not exactly like it is elusive.... There are only about 3 streets anyway in Grahamstown, and I've been to the stop many times. BUT, if you have ever had experience with my directional skills, you will know that just because I have been to a place dozens of times does NOT mean that I have any idea how to get there. At all. So I left early, just in case. And sure enough, after walking slightly off campus, the old familiar feeling set in, just as it was starting to rain. I was lost. After 3 minutes of slight panic (thinking, this is exactly what I am NOT supposed to be doing, I am going to die, I am lost in Africa, my mom is going to be so sad... etc.) - I realized that I was actually only about half a block from the stop. And by half a block, I mean that I was standing almost directly across the street from it. So I strutted on over like I knew what I was doing, walking into Kentucky Fried Chicken (yes, they have KFC in Africa), bought myself some dinner, and waited for the bus.

KFC, however, did not represent well. They closed 10 minutes before nine (their closing time said 9:30). And that was when I received the second text that the bus was 'further delayed.' So I walked outside, and along with dozens of women with babies strapped to their back, waited in the rain. And waited, and waited. Then, after standing outside for nearly 3 hours, the bus finally showed, and the mommas and the babies and I all boarded.

And 14 hours after that........ I am in Cape Town!!!! I had forgotten how much I LOVE this city. My whole heart filled up when we got our first glimpse of the city-scape over the top of the mountain.

Victor (yay!!!) picked me up from the station and I am currently in his office, finishing my paper...

Life is good, only 2 days until my parents are here!!

Love you all.

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Victor said...

So sorry that you had to wait in the rain. I hate that. Glad you made it safely and dried up.