Wednesday, June 4, 2008

South Africa's Croissant Crisis

In our cafeteria, we have an announcement board. The last couple of weeks, there have been notes of solidarity and mourning for the victims of the riots and whatnot happening in Joburg and Cape Town.

YESTERDAY, however, the board had a new message that said something to the following:

"The kitchen staff needs to profusely apologize for the lack of croissants at breakfast this morning. Please know that they were ordered with plenty of time to spare, but did not arrive this morning as scheduled. This has been due to a nation-wide shortage of croissants. We will do everything we can to make up for this unfortunate event. This morning you may have two yoghurts instead of one. Sincerely, the kitchen staff"

And THIS my friends, is what makes South Africa so fascinating. In the same seriousness that we deal with violent riots, we deal with a national shortage of croissants. YES, we have dire poverty, YES we are in the midst of a global food crisis, YES we are dealing with violence in our major cities. But today.... today we will worry about croissants.

If you would like to send croissants to South Africa to help out with the national crisis, please email me. ;)


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Katee said...

That is hilarious!!!

Victor said...

Strange, I don't think they publicised the news of this. I don't think it made the news over here in the US.