Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quiet on the exam front

I am in the black hole of exams. It is these moments that makes me miss being the teacher on the other side of the exam ----- though I certainly do not envy my professors who have to grade the enormous amount of writing I am putting out these days.

I am going to list things because it makes me feel better.

1. International Theory Exam - DONE!
2. Philosophy of Reconciliation 8000 word paper - In Progress
3. Post-Colonial Identities and Genocide Exam - Saturday
4. Cold War 8000 word Paper on Cuba's intervention in Angola - Haven't really started
5. Thesis Proposal Submission - Needs some help
6. Rotary Report - Almost Done

I am leaving for Cape Town next Wednesday - less than a week. I need 6 miracles to happen between now and then!


Notes from the Underground said...

For me anyway, the first word on the page is also the first miracle. After that, the rest usually unfolds easily enough.

Victor said...

Hi, this is Victor writing from the future. I just want you to know that over here, you had SIX miracles happen!!!!!!!!!!!