Friday, May 18, 2012

Prep day

That time has come again.. the day of prepping and packing and getting everything in order to be gone for a month.  I've been kind of dreading this day - the trips seem to be getting closer and closer together.. I can't believe I'll be in the air in less than a day!  This is not to say I'm not excited... I love everything that's ahead. Every bit of it.  But wow oh wow its a quick turn around this time!

So, to beat the travel-weary blues and to savor my last moments in the usa, I started the morning with one of my favorite New Haven things... I walked over to the little Italian market just around the corner, and got a coffee and a breakfast sandwich.. and then sat under an umbrella and savored the sunshine.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Kent said...

...been thinking about you allll day. Feel better seeing Orange Street Market somehow :)