Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few days at home

On the way back from the Painted Turtle, I was able to stop through Idaho for a few days to see my family.  It was quick, but so so wonderful and refreshing to be with the people I love most in the world and in the place I first called home (and always will, for that matter).

Home sweet home :)

Almost every stop home includes dinner and a drink at The Drift Inn - a Fletcher family favorite.
My dad made some amazing, mouth-watering lime soup from scratch - inspired by one of their recent vacations to Mexico.  YUM.  I ate THREE bowls at home, and I cooked myself a pot when I got back to Connecticut this week - equally yum.

Here is a similar recipe: Lime and Cilantro Soup

Beautiful view from our restaurant - look how cute my mom is!

View of the Prine.. Pryne? Bridge in Twin Falls from Elevation 486.

Spring has sprung in Idaho!  These are some blossoms from one of the trees in my parent's backyard.

Some more of my mom's flowers.

Though both mom and I are pretty terrible shoppers alone, we have so much fun when we shop together! 

Love you momma.

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Liz said...

I remember sleeping in that backyard under the stars! I miss Idaho.

Also, it's Perrine. In case you were curious. ;-) Hugs to your mom!