Friday, March 23, 2012

Solar Youth Jam!

Last night, my friends and I went out to support Solar Youth at their annual fundraiser at the planetarium - The Solar Youth Jam.

We served(!) hors d'oeuvres (totally just looked up the spelling for that), looked at Venus, Jupiter and Mars through a huge telescope, danced like crazy under the planetarium, took all sorts of photo booth pictures, bid on silent auction items, WON the biggest prize from the live auction* (long weekend in a lake cabin in the Adirondacks anyone????? - We're going, you're invited!!!)  It was such a lovely night, for such a lovely cause.  Glad I am surrounded by people who are part of making this happen.

*PS- I never knew that bidding in a live auction was such a HUGE adrenaline rush!  We were sweating like crazy, nervous as all get out, and when we won the final bid - we jumped up and down like we had just won a million dollars, instead of getting to pay a lot of dollars.....its brilliant, I tell you.  See the four pics in the bottom right corner of the collage to see our reactions!

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