Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Kiva gives you the chance to make small loans -- as little as $25 -- to entrepreneurs working to start businesses and improve their lives around the world. 

I've been lending since 2009, when one of my wonderful friends (Pears), gave me the most lovely gift - $100 in 'Kiva credit'.  I got to take that money, and decide who to lend it to - I chose four different women entrepreneurs.  They all paid back their loans, and I re-loaned that money.  At this point, I've made 13 loans and counting, all with the original gift that Pears gave me.  Its incredible, and every time that the loans are paid back, I get so excited to see the updates about how the new businesses are doing, and to get to look up who to invest in next.  

So - here's the deal.  This guy named Reid Hoffman, who is a Kiva board member, the founder of LinkedIn & co-author of recently released The Startup of You, just donated a lot of money so that several thousand people could make loans for free.  Kiva is now giving away 'free trials' - they give you $25 to loan.  The idea is that if you believe in what they are doing, you can lend more later.  If not, no harm no foul.  

Check it out and join me - Click this link, sign up fast and take advantage of the opportunity to get involved with an incredible cause, for free:

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