Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chicago family time

Look how cute we are!  I love those four so so so much.

 Above - a picture of us taking a picture of ourselves- I know what you're thinking.. that is higher level artwork!

Chicago+my family=perfect weekend.

Things that were fabulous:
Getting to be the one to greet my parents at the airport gate instead of the other way around- a first?!
Seeing my brother and sis's home and getting glimpse into their new life together!
Watching my brother and sis cook a great dinner - and then eating it - yumm
Late late night chats with my brother and sister in law
The Untouchables Tour - crazy corny but a fun way to see the city!
Spending hours eating at Sunda
Having my entire family, every last one of them, escort to the airport - all the way to the security gate
Snuggles and talks over meals, during walks, on the couch... just realizing we were all together in the same place.
I loved every single minute, and am already looking forward to the next time we can be together.

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