Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jet lagging - back in Connecticut

I left India a week ago yesterday.

I have two weeks of down time between trips.

Next Sunday I fly back to Hanoi, Vietnam for about a month.

It has taken me longer than usual to funciton as a normal human again this time - I am still waking up at crazy hours of the night and walk around with a fog around my head.  I'm becoming convinced that I may just stay jet lagged straight through this round.

That said, it has been refreshing and lovely to walk around in cool weather, to eat sandwiches and salads and berries.  And while I was gone, something magical happened.... SPRING!

The world exploded in green, and even in my jet-lagged fog, I am constantly in awe whenever I am outside - there are flowers blooming everywhere - such gorgeous bright pinks, purples, whites and reds.  Trees sprung new vibrant green leaves, that even against the rainy grey days seem like they are just glowing.

Spring truly is something miraculous, don't you think??

Today I'm headed to Boston with Kate and Rachael - these girls make my soul happy.  And next weekend on the way to Hanoi I am going through Chicago to spend a day with my family in Brian and Jenna's world.  I am so so so excited to get my arms around all of them.

I truly am blessed.

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