Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Monday night lots of wonderfulness happened.
I went out for a happy hour with some of my favorite New Haven ladies – which is always so refreshing and a huge reminder that I truly have wonderful, wonderful people here.

Two of our friends came a little late and told us that Brett Dennen was playing at a local venue and that there were still tickets available. WHAT? I love him! Yes please!

When we went to pay our tab at the restaurant, we discovered that someone had covered our tab – thank you mystery person!

Then we went to park at the venue – and found a parking space DIRECTLY in front of the block where we were going – no small miracle in New Haven.

THEN we discovered that there was an ice cream store next to the venue, and exactly enough time to order and eat one bowl of frozen yogurt with sour patch kids on top.

And then we proceeded to have an incredible evening of listening and grooving to Brett Dennen’s set.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Brett Dennen – but he is one happy guy. Or at least his music is.

This is a picture of him:

He is up there, bare-footed, wiggling around, and just looking at him makes me happy.

A lovely benefit is that the crowds he attracts are super positive as well – Unlike the all-too-usual elbowing-shoving-glaring concert crowd, this crowd was shockingly pleasant. I bumped into a man, and he told me I had a nice shirt. I bumped into a lady and she said “isn’t Brett Dennen just so great?!”. People were just grooving with no rhythm whatsoever, and overall.. just happy and positive.

Which brings me to the point of this.

ALL of us talked about how cool it was to listen to such positive music for an evening.
As if it is a natural wonder.
As if it is unheard of.

I am kind of in the business of positivity – that’s what I get paid to create. And even I can only think of a few musicians who truly promote positive messaging – all of the time.

So my friend and I are on a mission to create a list of musicians who make us feel good – positive good.

Do you have any suggestions for our list? I will be sure to share the results.

PS - Brett Dennen is a huge supporter of The Mosaic Project.. which I just heard about for the first time, but which looks AMAZING.  Check it out!

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Kent said...

And if you get too happy listening to happy music, check out:
-John Lee Hooker
-Steve Earle
-Tracy Chapman
-Townes Van Zandt
-Tori Amos
-Alanis Morissette
-Fiona Apple
-PJ Harvey
-Ani Difranco
-Soundtrack from Le Miserables
to name just a few.