Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glorious Vacation Coming Up!

To celebrate the end of our fieldwork (or at least the biggest phase of it) and to generally keep ourselves from going COMPLETELY crazy in Nairobi, the girls and I are taking a fabulous weekend away. We are flying to Mombasa (tickets were only about $100!) and staying in a cottage for a few days at Tiwi Beach.

To put it all in perspective, these are the conditions that we have been working in for the last month and a half:

And THIS is where we will be the next several days:

I cannot think of a time I have been more excited for a vacation. I mean.... seriously.


Kim Fletcher said...

Love you always,

Kent said...

Looks just like where we spent our last weekend! Hard to believe the air temperature was cooler at Playa Del Carmen than in Burley (humidity was a different story). Hope to talk to you before you leave, but have a wonderful refreshing trip. Looking forward to getting you back into the USA.
Love, Dad

Victor said...

And I cannot think of a bigger contrast. I suppose what can create beauty in the first image (the slum) is people, but devoid of that, I'll take the 2nd any day!