Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiwi Beach, Kenya = Fabulous Vacation

The vacation away was everything we could have hoped for.

For anyone thinking of going there:
We flew from Nairobi to Mombasa ($114 on Kenyan Airways). Our favorite cab driver in Nairobi called a cab driver to pick us up at the Mombasa airport and he drove us the 25km south (across the ferry first) to Tiwi beach (it cost 2500 Ksh). Though the distance isn't far it still took about an hour and a half to go from the airport to Tiwi.

We stayed at the Maweni Beach Cottages for 8000 Ksh/night (approximately 100 US dollars - we split it 4 ways) - I cannot recommend the place enough. It was perfect for us - secluded - beautiful white beaches, swimming pool. It was a self-catering cottage but we didn't know that we would have to bring our own groceries as the nearest market was quite a ways away. However, there was a great fruit/souvenier stand where we bought lots of mangoes, oranges and bananas for lunch each day. Breakfast and dinner we ate at the restaurant on the property.

Ok, let's focus on how fabulous this truly was.......

The view from our cottage:

Our front yard:

Laying on our private beach:

Walking to our beach (just a few steps from our back yard):

Our cottage:


Victor said...

Wow, it DOES look amazing!
I'm so glad you had that and got to experience that because it seems this job/stint has really tired you and frustrated you.

Victor said...

Whose feet are those?